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Hey my name is Suranjan. Oh ya Suranjan Koirala. The Israeli guys call me Shoko. The word Shoko means a hard milk chocolate. It’s sounds really hilarious if I say the meaning of my name to someone. But I like my nickname. This is how I usually introduce myself to a new volunteer here in the foundation.

wall paiting 4
From left: Nico, Lola & me

I leave in one of the crowed neighborhood of the Kathmandu. The life there is monotonous. That’s why I decided to be a volunteer in the foundation and learn the real meaning of life. The work done here in the foundation is similar to my course. I am studying a Development studies. I am in Bachelor level. I know when I first came to the foundation for the work Krishna sir he just told me to observe the place for one week. Then you will understand about the different projects run by the foundation. Yes and while observing I met my first foreign friend. These days we have a relationship of brother and sister. Who knows the girl from the France and the boy from the Nepal will be so close later on. So there is everything possible. Then after I just start to learn the different way of working and start to make the different friend.

I usually like to work on computer. Besides that making a briquette can be good option for me if I don’t have any work on computer. I also like to do paint and dig a field. That make me feels I am Nepali. But these days I am working with the volunteers in organizing different stuffs for the different projects. That’s it 🙂


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