My life at KRMEF

Dear all,

My name is Lola and I have been at the foundation for 3 months now. I am from England and I have come to the foundation as an intern and I am doing a Work Placement here. Since I’ve been here I have been teaching English classes to the Kindergarten Teachers and Women in the workshop. These classes are a way for them to speak English and increase their confidence. It is also a time for the women to be together without having to work, just have some fun and learn some English.

english class

My main project whilst being here is painting a mural in the garden which represents the environmental values and ideas of the foundation. I study Environment and Media studies, so I am using my knowledge on environmental communication to make a strong piece of art that will stand in the garden of the foundation. Here are some photographs of the work in progress…

wall painting

Measuring the wallwall painting 2

Whitewashing the wall

wall painting 3

Sketching the outline and setting up the composition

DSCF4802    Adding colors, texture and filling in the blanks, the fun bit and hard part 🙂

I hope that I can get the painting done before the opening of the cafe, which will  be on the 28th of February, so people can come have a yummy delicious organic meal with vegetable from the garden with a cup of Masala Dud Chiya and appreciate a (hopefully) nice work of art !


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