My great experience at KRMEF !!

Namaste everyone !!

My name is Itay, I’m 24 years old, and I’m from Israel . I’ve heard about the foundation from two of my friends that have volunteered there and had a great time .

I’ve volunteered in the foundation for a week , and I had a great time throughout my staying . For the first time after 6 months of traveling I had arrived to a place that felt just like home .

Krishna and his amazing family were so welcoming , and all the other volunteers has been great as well . I loved doing the works around the farm: painting the new rooms , working with the carpenters , making bio-briquettes and the best : gardening with “Wonder-Woman”- Kali .

Wonder Woman's garden, and the carpenters area
Wonder Woman’s garden, and the carpenters area

Well, and obviously I can’t leave out all the fun of cooking in the kitchen with Krishna’s daughter Christina, while she gives us Nepali lessons , and I am giving her Hebrew lessons .

I wish I had more time to spend on the  farm, but sadly I had a flight to catch. I hope I’ll get to go there again, and for longer period next time.

I will end with a picture of the door of the volunteers rooms , that just says it all .   🙂

Finally, just like home !!
Finally, just like home !!



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